Patrick Watson - Fireweed

i think patrick watson might be to canada what yoko kanno is to japan, or maybe like what jón þór birgisson is to iceland.  i hope that when people hear him they think of my country.

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Thursday, 3rd February

#97 Patrick Watson / Part 2 - A Take Away Show from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.

In short, they didn’t exactly understand what we expected of them, but they let us know that they were ready for anything. Watson, his grimacing angel-face and his three grandiose musicians, gave us music throughout an entire day, then an entire night.

Images : Vincent Moon
Production : Chryde
Editing : Lucas Archambault & Vincent Moon
Sound : François Clos

Patrick Watson and his band take to the streets of Paris.. [ Go here for remaining parts 1 and 3]

Patrick Watson. Traveling Salesman.

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Amazing composition.

Patrick Watson. Big Bird in a Small Cage.

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Patrick Watson. Man Like You.

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Patrick Watson. Wooden Arms.

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Saturday, 30th April

Patrick Watson - Down at the Beach


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Patrick Watson. Fireweed.

After all the flames
In the morning
Quiet ashes fell
For hours and hours
In the morning rise
We planted our skin
Like a seed in the ground

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Sunday, 25th September

Patrick Watson - Tracy’s Waters (live)

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Friday, 18th November