I’ve watched Whose Line Is It Anyway for many many years now, and i have to say one of the surprising things is, the American version is better than the British! The audience has far more enthusiasm and Drew Carey’s laugh always cracks me up! As far as describing this particular video i’ll use the top quote from YouTube…
“I love it that Colin always looks so accomplished when Ryan can’t hold in his laughter and that he also has the guts to be embarrassed! Same thing with Ryan! XD Love those two!”

Couldn’t of put it any better myself! Enjoy!

YESSSSS. THE funniest.


Feist on Sesame Street. Amazing.

Favorite. This and Wayne Brady's Between!!

my priorities

Finish art history reading summary paper
Research topic for Film as Literature paper
Work on animatic sequence
Watch Whose Line is it Anyway

Saturday, 5th March

Richard Simmons. On Whose Line.

Bad choices for pets ~


“Here, velociraptor!”

Tuesday, 21st June