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Princess Crocodile - FM Einheit & Gry

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To Build A Home by The Cinematic Orchestra ft. Patrick Watson

One of the most profound performances I keep going back to. This is how I like my music:

music that absolutely breathes.

So glad I found out about Patrick Watson and his amazing band. I am obsessed and shall go crazy collecting everything they create…


Patrick Watson - Fireweed

i think patrick watson might be to canada what yoko kanno is to japan, or maybe like what jón þór birgisson is to iceland.  i hope that when people hear him they think of my country.

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Um. Nothing in the genre beats this composition. Yea still can’t think of anything at the moment. The first time I heard it, I filed it under the “love forever” folder in my heart’s archives.

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Patrick Watson - Je Te Laisserai Des Mots

Je te laisserai des mots
En sous de ta porte
En sous de la lune qui chante
Tout pres de la place ou tes pieds passent
Cache dans les trous de temps hiver
Et quand tu es seule pendant un instant

Embrasse moi
Quand tu voudras

I’ll let the words
in under your door
in under the moon

And when you’re alone for a minute
Kiss me
When you want

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Postcards from far away - Coldplay

I love this song so much, and I also love playing it :)

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Röyksopp - Two Headed Monster

Saturday, 29th January


Röyksopp - You Don’t Have A Clue

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Patrick Watson. Drifters.

This = my theme song

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Friday, 4th February