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Sunday, 20th April


The Beatles - Because

love is old, love is new
love is all, love is you

I love the minor qualities in this, it feels like turning inward, quietly trying to repair broken things after a storm
or standing still in wonder of the gray sea

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tired when my emotions win sometimes

I was sad today

Wednesday, 19th March


You Can’t Hurry Love
The Supremes
The Supremes A’ Go-Go

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Tuesday, 18th March





Monday, 17th February

Loneliness is only love’s hologram.
It hangs above your head just like a star.
But when you know its burning out,
You give it one last nod and then it’s gone.
Then it’s gone.

But the time we spend in solitary infatuation
Aren’t wasted by the people we want to love
They’re just absorbed into the air
And saved until the moment you’re dreaming of.

Tuesday, 4th February

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Tuesday, 4th February


U2 | Ordinary Love

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Monday, 3rd February
Monday, 27th January


i love this song very much. ‘i follow rivers (the magician remix)’ by lykke li. love cm

Saturday, 11th January


im sure all of you have heard the new free track Röyksopp released for the holidays if you havent here it is enjoy!

Monday, 30th December

'Merry Christmas (My Friend)' - Maps

Wednesday, 25th December