Saturday, 5th February

Oh [sweaty] Tom, you are greatness.

I don’t want to be adored
don’t want to be first in line
or make myself heard

When I am an old man
and live by the sea
will all your thoughts
fly to me
When I’m far away from
the places we’ve known
will all your love
bring me home


Clear Skies - Keane

My favourite song ever

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Keane. Crystal Ball.

Amazing explosion of melody.

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He Used To Be A Lovely Boy - Keane

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Tom Chaplin (Keane). Live performance. Fly To Me.


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My Shadow - Keane

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Sunday, 27th March

Keane. Love is the End.

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Keane. Fly To Me.

[My most played song in iTunes & one of my most favorite songs ever]

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Keane. Something in me was Dying.

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Allemande. Keane.

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Keane. On a Day Like Today.

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